Defense Attorney Discovery Request

Pursuant to Overland Park Municipal Court Administrative Judge's Order 2006-07, Discovery in Municipal Court Proceedings, the items listed below are relevant and subject to discovery upon request in writing by the defendant or their attorney. To initiate your request for discovery, please provide all information outlined in the form below.

A charge for providing copies of records is authorized by state law and has been established by the City governing body. These charges are set at a level to compensate the City for the actual costs incurred in honoring your request. City Resolution No. 3158 sets copy charges.

1. Incident Details

2. Requestor Information

3. Items Requested

Basic police report
Digital video recordings - In-Car/Patrol Unit Video
Digital video recordings - Booking Room Video
Any other written or digital evidence believed to be relevant information. Please specify and describe in detail below.

By submitting this form, I certify that I am the Defendant or I am an attorney that has been retained by the Defendant to represent them in Overland Park Municipal Court.