Prosecutor Case Review

Same day requests will not be considered. All requests must be received by 3:00pm the business day prior to your Court date in order to be considered, or you must attend your Court date.

If you would like a prosecutor to review your case, please fill out a request below. A prosecutor can review your case and make an offer, check for diversion eligibility, accept insurance diversion documents, amend traffic citations to non-moving violations, or review your case for any other reason. Please be specific in the comments about what you would like the prosecutor to review.

If you have a case pending in Overland Park Municipal Court, your options will be to plead guilty or no contest, not guilty if you wish to have a trial, or you may seek an amendment or diversion.

What is an amendment?

An amendment is an opportunity to keep a traffic violation from appearing on your driving record or to reduce a driving while suspended charge when you are reinstated. At this time, the prosecutor’s office will amend certain violations without an appearance. The decision to amend a citation is in the sole discretion of the prosecutor. As a general rule, prosecutors will not amend tickets in school zones, construction zones, or speeding more than 20 miles above the speed limit. Additionally, if the charge is Driving While Suspended, we will not amend the charge if your suspension was for an alcohol violation.

If you are seeking an amendment and have accident related charges, you must provide proof the damages have been paid or proof that your insurance agency has accepted 100% liability for the accident.

You must be prepared to pay, in full, within 24 hours with a debit or credit card. The court does not accept partial payments.

An amendment request does not guarantee that your charge(s) will be amended. A prosecutor will review your case, and notify you whether or not your charge(s) can be amended. Please consider all of your options. The prosecutors are prohibited from providing you with legal advice.


A moving violation will be amended to Inattentive Driving and costs $251.00 for each charge. Inattentive Driving is a non-moving violation that will not go on your driving record.

If you are reinstated and the suspension was not for an alcohol violation, a Driving While Suspended violation will be amended to No Driver’s License in Possession charge and costs $254.50. No Driver’s License in Possession will go on your driving record, instead of Driving While Suspended.


If the amendment is approved, a payment link will be sent to you. The amendment will not be processed until payment is made in full.


You may also request a continuance from the court using the Defendant Motion to Continue form.


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